Zippered 20 by 18

Product color: colorless – white

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Zippered nylons are known as zippered, zippered and zippered and zippered bags.This product is used as a tool for packing all kinds of small and large goods.One of the most important uses of this product in Food storage The zippered bag prevents air from entering the bag and the penetration of fungi, bacteria and moisture. In this case, food can be stored longer.

  • Usability for multiple times
  • Easy opening and closing – longer shelf life of food
  • Air and water impermeability into the zipper that makes food fresh and refreshing
  • Do not open from inside the “one-way zipper”
  • Ease of freezing
  • The zipper is thicker than ordinary freezer bags
  • Packing and freezing all kinds of food Packing and storing various objects and industries, including electrical and industrial parts – the easiest way to pack small and small parts such as: ‌ bolts, ‌ fittings


Dimensions 20 * 18 cm
Other Details Includes 40 zippered bags, measuring 18 by 20 cm


Product for industrial use and food packaging and home packaging of chicken, meat and vegetables in the freezer, packaging of lemon juice and tomato paste for the code of dear women


The product is made of polyethylene with food grade for home and food use, food grade and the industrial product is heavy polyethylene.



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